Lisa and I doing the Gadget Dance

So back in April, my wife Lisa and I collaborated on the cover for Crossed Genres Issue 19, Gadgets & Artifacts. Wasn't allowed to show you all until the magazine came out in June, and then I just got distracted by nothing. Forgot to put the cover up anywhere I hang out online! Shameful of me, really. Go grab the issue from them, in epub, pdf, or print formats. It's some good storystuff, it is.

While someone might've been put off by this delay, I hope the rest of you can forgive me. Maybe the actual art will help. So have Artefacts, and don't stab me?

We passed this one back and forth, from sketch to final. It was the first time we'd really gotten the chance to collab on something. Was a lot of fun, really. Hopefully do it again soon.

In the meantime, I just handed over final art for issue 22 of Crossed Genres, coming out in September.

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