On freelancing variability

It's been a hectic, and rapaciously busy month, February has. That, and we got snowed in like the Winter Jack had taken an liking to the East Coast. After spending most of January sorta-working dead weeks at the dayjob, suddenly the work picked up again and I was locked in front of Adobe for most days. Funny, how working as much as you're paid to actually uses your time. I rather liked being on call without the actual calling... but yanno, responsibilities.

So I've had to put off finishing the Elephants' General painting. It's sitting in a more complete state than I last posted on here, but it's not finished yet, sadly. I have however, picked up four new projects I am contracted to do. One due in April, one in May, one in July. Woo! I'll let you in on a secret... the May one is absurdly amazing. I am agog with how awesome it is. The July is my first cover gig since working for ScrollQuest. More info as I get OKed to release it.

And the fourth is one whose sketches I just emailed off tonight. This particular commission is a custom bookplate! A personal ex libris for a fellow who found E.M. Jensen's Ex Libris Etc. on Etsy and wanted a series hand printed. This is just really nifty to have finally be hired to do a custom ex libris for a stranger. I've sold a few existing design sets, but custom work is the fun stuff! And, the shop is updated with some new items. Nothing you all haven't seen before if you follow me, but there's prints of "Plucking the Night Orchard" and the Arctic Explorer: Hogarth Merricule painting is up there.

Sometime in the last month I found time to join the SCBWI as well. I feel professional and snazzy, being a member of an organization... strange things happening. Speaking of professions, Lisa and I really want to go to IlluxCon in November. We'd love advice, anecdotes, horror stories, whatever, if you've been there.