New work to see. Not New York. But that'd be cool, too.

The time has come! I have new work! And more, that I can't show you yet. Bothersome! But, as for the days going by... good news on the continuance of I and Lisa's show at Sova: three more pieces sold while it's been up. : ) *jangly dance*

This piece was newly done for the show, but isn't what sold:

We do so like when people like the work we do. Sold were two of the pieces I'll post up here in a moment, and also the ever-popular Hedgehog Fighting Dragon Pterodactyls on an Airship with a Steampunk Blunderbuss:

I'm really happy I'm doing another couple pieces for different clients in the next month or two... or I'd be short on work for our next show. Next Lisa/Evan joint show, details coming soon.

These are the thumbs for my cover at Crossed Genres' Bildungsroman issue, though the one actually chosen isn't shown here:

And of course, we have the other pieces I did 'specially for the show, that we finally went up and scanned today... getting thoroughly in everyone's way and making a racket.

Blogging to resume soon, as the CG cover and my final art for StarShipSofa Stories are both due soon! I won't be quite so busy... though I did join ChildrensIllustrators.com the other day, so hopefully that turns into more work; I'd love to pick up some new projects.


The recovery

You may have heard Lisa and I had an opening party for our joint show at Sova in DC last Saturday. Well, I have to say it went smashingly. Easily 100 people came through and Lisa sold 6 pieces at the opening alone, and the artwork will be up for 6 more weeks, if you're in town and want to visit the best new up & coming area in the District. You can even get liquor, coffee and food at Sova. It's got wifi and everything you need except a bed.

Actually, we're thinking seriously about moving to the H Street, NE neighborhood this year. It's that damn snazzy.

We'll have photos up soon, and you can see the opening fun and be mildly jealous, if you like.