Art for StarShipSofa Stories Volume II

So I did an illustration back in May for StarShipSofa Stories Volume II. These guys have a Hugo Award-winning spec fic podcast every week, and they issue anthologies like the one linked above every year or so? I guess? Anyway, they have two now. Composed of new illustrations and reprint stories from some amazing authors (Neil Gaiman, China Miéville, Tobias Buckell, Pat Cadigan, etc.)

Well, they're revealed a new promo video for the book, and it has some neat music accompanying a nice "vast depths of extrasolar space" animation by Dee Cunniffe.

The art I did for the book was for Tobias Buckell's story, Tides.


Brief glimpse of the Unnatural History Museum

So this blog had someone come by and snap some cool photos of the space where we're painting the mural in DC: http://tiny.cc/uwq6j (via @newcolumbiahts)

I have to say though, it may look horselike... but that is far more bizarre than a horse. Just wait till the skeleton is complete and everything put together!

The mural wall is to the left of the skeleton and ladder in that first picture they have.


He Who Shall Not Be Named 2012

I got to be Lord Voldemort for a while today. I was tasked with getting into Voldy's head, scriptorium-like, and doing some calligraphy in whatever his style should be. This was a "thank you" letter. It'll be mailed to Brent Spiner. But it's not me thanking Data. It's He Who Shall Not Be Named. On behalf of the Palin/Voldemort 2012 ticket.

And yes, it was in green ink on parchment. With a serpent sigil in green wax.

...I have a really weird job, sometimes.


Stuff that does the goings on in the what.

Or, what Evan has on his plate pending upcoming and about-to-occur.

So, with the 826DC images handed off to our AD, and Lisa's latest commission winding to a close, we find ourselves at the mercy of Looking for More Work. The great part is, we still have work to do between now and the future when we have more work to... do... well, you get the point.
  • Personally, I have to put the finishing touches on the Elephants' General, now that it's been back with me for a while.
  • Then, there's some more final touches to a couple other pieces waiting for their last dabs.
  • And of course, Illustration Friday's topic is "Proverb" this week. Maybe I'll actually DO it on time. : )
  • Maga Design might hand me more work next week at my new REALLY WELL PAYING rate. Might, though.
  • Our onsite design contract has us in, on and off, all month.
  • 826DC is going to have Lisa and I paint some of our animals into their museum mural in a week or so. Woo!
  • I should do another Steampunk Hedgehog painting and plot out a decent story arc to write up and make them into a book. Shop it around.
  • Probably need to work on some more Etsy Shop bookplate designs when I have a sketching moment.
  • My participation in the Sketchbook Project is also needed... I've got a few pages in, now, thanks to 826DC.
  • I'd really like to find some new work and do that, too. 'Cause I'm a masochist of scheduling. Seriously, though--deadlines keep me working, and force me to actually get shit done instead of procrastinating... or doing laundry... or taking a walk... or browsing the interwebs.
And of course, in October, Lisa and I are heading out to SF and Seattle for 11 days... so much needs doing before then.

Though in terms of having relax-time, we went to a really nice going away party for a friend last night in Georgetown. She'll be in Chapel Hill, NC for 6 months and we will miss her. Speaking of, if you know anyone renting down there... here housing fell through, and she could really use a place to sublet or rent. Contact me if you have any info!


Prepare for ...

The awesome opossum book Lisa and Katie and I were working on for 826DC is more or less wrapped up from our end! Final art handed over to Oliver, and fancy-schmancy scans to come back from the high fallutin' imaging studio he's using. They'll be far and above the nicest scans I've ever been able to get short of giclée printing.

While 826DC doesn't want me to show the full artwork until after the Museum of Unnatural History opens in October, I have some quick and dirty teaser scans for ya. : ) Anyone who can't get to DC to see the books in person, don't fear! I will share the art on here as soon as I am able (though I hear they might do a digital version for non-locals to see). And maybe eventually they'll have copies for sale? I do hope so.

In the suddenly-free time I thought I had, I've been redoing my resume and thinking about a new look for the website. In a week or so, we'll probably be painting some of the creatures we did for the book into the mural installation at the 826DC space itself, however... so free time is fleeting, but painting wins out in the end!