I'm Alive!

Contrary to internet rumor, I haven't been mulched into a tasty beverage sold at cons. I've been trying to get out of summer funk and psyched for autumn as it oozes in from below the loose soil of abandoned hospitals, forgotten graveyards, and the shadowed recesses of old growth forests. But as it's still 90F almost daily, this will take a bit.

Again, I didn't make it to Dragon*Con, but Lisa, Galen & I look like we'll be sharing a table at next year's Spectrum Fantastic Art Live! in Kansas City. That's really exciting! We might do IlluxCon this fall, too. Who knows! Everything's tangential and up for grabs!

In current work, I just did this quick t-shirt design for a corporate event at the Downtown Houston, Texas aquarium. The back of the light grey shirts simply reads "Volunteer" with a little water droplet. I hope it screens alright... I'll see when I get my shirt in the mail, I guess.

The alternate look they asked for (same, minus the yellow) isn't nearly as snazzy, but might print cheaper?

Otherwise, dayjob eats my lithesome calm, encouraging me through helpless rage to "move West, young man!" Which is the current Above All Else Goal.