Trying out a Cintiq

I haven't had much any opportunity to try the Cintiqs, so I just snatched the one left behind by a departing graphic designer this morning. 21UX, for the tech minded, and it's BULKY. Huge thing, but got it connected and doodled a little to get the feel.

Gotta say, I do like it a lot, even if it's weird to use Photoshop as yet.


12 Days of Christmas Out on iPad!

So the fun of the holidays (and the likewise chaotic evil scheduling) have finally let go over the past few weeks, and I can make the awesome that I've got my first tablet-based book out! It's only on the iPad at the moment, but maybe one day the publisher will release for Android, too?

The app (and publisher) is FlyingBooks, and if you download the app (free), you can buy whatever books catch your fancy (not free). They're a children's e-book publisher, and they have some really nice books available.

Back in December, I super-rush adapted The 12 Days of Christmas for them, from a modern standpoint, in a small, urban apartment. Go see! 12 Days of Christmas! You've seen the chickens and the sneak peeks, and the whole book is definitely available. : )

If you're like me, and don't have an iPad, we can mope sadly together, with bedraggled pigeons.

I got a chance to see the 12 Days on a friend's iPad, and it looks so goooood. Really happy with how it transferred from traditional media to digital display.