Death and Literature

Been a bit. What, a week you say? Exactly? Hot dandy, that's about what happens when life tosses you a Sad Puppy(TM). These are the sort of unexpected and debilitating moments you knew were out there somewhere, but hadn't happened by for tea and scones yet.

On the night between Tuesday and Monday, my grandmother Margaret Jensen passed away, leaving the mortal coil for something new. Likely somewhere with a brass band and gin drinks. This came as little surprise to the family, as Grammy'd been losing the battle to cancer and Alzheimer's for a few years now. But yanno... death. Even if you don't think of it as an End, it's sad that you won't get to talk to this distinct intellect who's shone you love and support for years. At least in two-way communication. Whether you think it's an End or not, it's at least a change. And change is usually terrifying to our little primate selves. That's ok, though, I like to think that change is a comfortable continuity in itself.

I've been working to completion on that watercolor I posted updates about, in between paying work and putting together submission packets for different publishing venues. Painting's pretty darned near finished. You'll see it soon, ye wanderers of the night lands.

Otherwise, I've pretty much been reading. A lot, by comparison to recent trends. In the last two weeks (or one?) I finished:

KJ Parker's Purple and Black (cute novella. like the emperor a lot.)
Sean William's The Crooked Letter (the concepts are nifty, the prose is great, the protagonists took some getting used to and are still kinda whiny, imo)
Liz Williams' The Shadow Pavilion (not as smooth a tale as her earlier Inspector Chen books, but quite a romp)
Robert J Sawyer's www : wake (16 yr old narrator... sometimes overly pedagogal, but ends feeling fulfilled)
Octavia Bulter's Parable of the Sower (brilliant book. read it.)

Now onto Tim Power's Earthquake Weather. As you may notice, I'm doing a roundabout survey of the judges and teachers at the Writers and Illustrators of the Future workshop I was priviledged to attend in August. I have a KD Wentworth story on my laptop and would like to find a Nina Hoffman book at the library. Did I mention? These are all from the library. Damn fine institution.

And to end on a light note, from this interview:

"Nothing a writer says surprises me anymore, not even if Jeff VanderMeer told me he did his first drafts while dangling naked upside from a coconut palm, writing in squid ink through the hollowed fingerbone of William S. Burroughs. (I've seen his handwriting, this might actually be true.)" - Jay Lake

Tee hee.


Art update second go.

Much more color going into the scene here, though I haven't had as much time to work on it as I'd like. You know... eating, sleeping, working for pay. Those sorts of nonsense pastimes.

You wouldn't know how many times I've had to tell the Gnome King that I can't come to her BBQ because of needing to do my real job. Sadly, she said I wouldn't be getting a Christmas Present this year... *sniff*

More to come, more to come. These Yarka St. Petersburg watercolors are quite nice, though it's weird to use pans rather than liquid WC tubes. I'd gotten so used to the somewhat overly vivid Sakura Koi colors, and these are much earthier.

Yar! I be seein' ye next time, me hardies. Aye, by the twelfth bell, fer sure. More rum!


Sense and Sensibility and Seamonsters

So I just posted a book trailer for WOTF XXV, and you probably don't want to watch another video, let alone another book trailer. Trust me, though! This one is well worth the time. It's wonderfully amusing and full of amateur pluck.

Art update on the table

Update on the watercolor. See? See? It's a watercolor. With a dragon, and a glowing pear. Like I said... because... yeah.

So, we're past the washes-and-messy stage... and I'm terrified at this point. Every time I embark on a painting, I mean REALLY worried I'll bollocks it all to heck and back. But, you go ahead and do it anyway.

So... weird light sources are a go:


Our BOOK TRAILER. ...Really?

Her's the trailer for the "Writers of the Future XXV" anthology. We saw it play on a giant screen at the awards ceremony... it's a bit overly dramatic for a book anthology, but then again it's a trailer. For a book. So, who know what the criteria are for that sort of thing. Supermusicvideotrailerexcitement!

From: Gra Linnaea


Writers and Illustrators of the Present

Here's what you all are looking for on the shelves if you want to see the imagery I had scribbled down for Mr. Mike Wood, author of "Risqueman" and the fine folks at Galaxy Press. I think my work is on page 256. Or somesuch.

Everyone's art is awesome. Go check it out. Thanks to Josh Stewart for the image of the book. But don't you dare just look at the pretty pictures...

The stories are grand, and you can read the first reviews I've seen here.

John did a bang-up job going through each story in the anthology and giving them all equal attention, along with the art. One can forgive him for not waxing lyrical on the artwork, as his forte is literature after all. : )

Cat's being noisy again. Have to bury him in the yard.

Final note: Inking's done on the new large watercolor I mentioned in post previous.



I just registered evanmjensen.com though the hosting hasn't gone through yet. I'm not sure why it took me this long to get my own name as a URL, but it did... and so there ya have it. My name. As a link. It'll forward right to fathomlessbox.com. Or vice versa. Either way, they'll be a pair that all goes to the same place. Same with evanjensenart.com.

So, back to inking! More fun than DNS linkage.


Art update and your daily cookie

Frankly, I'm not sure what havin' a new blog will accomplish, as I'd all but abandoned the old one in lieu of Twitter and Facebook, but perhaps the shift in connotation (demiadolescence to grownup 2.0) will rejuvenate my webloggery habits.

Thankless day of too much heat, not enough breezes, and far too many amorphous gaggles of bar people around the city docks tonight. Lisa and I took a 4 mile meander broken by a frappe-and-cookie moment at Hard Bean Booksellers. The joyous moment was quickly erased by noisy vehicles, smelly smokers gathered against facades, etcetera.

Quite lovely however, was the last night of full Luna on the bright surface of an airliner contrail. That makes a good sight to follow home, no?

Squarely into inking the newest watercolor I've got taped down to board right now. Kid with glowing sphere and angled birds-eye view at night. It also has a dragon. Because night scenes with odd light sources need that extra fantasy trope. And something about a serpent guarding some golden pears. The kid's based on a very solemn boy who I drew at BWI two weeks ago. He was messing with a gameboy like it was life or death in his hands.

Comp thumbnails and the airport kid above. Sorry about the huge signature... I was in rush need of business cards a week ago in LA, and figured I'd just make color copies of him.