Writers and Illustrators of the Present

Here's what you all are looking for on the shelves if you want to see the imagery I had scribbled down for Mr. Mike Wood, author of "Risqueman" and the fine folks at Galaxy Press. I think my work is on page 256. Or somesuch.

Everyone's art is awesome. Go check it out. Thanks to Josh Stewart for the image of the book. But don't you dare just look at the pretty pictures...

The stories are grand, and you can read the first reviews I've seen here.

John did a bang-up job going through each story in the anthology and giving them all equal attention, along with the art. One can forgive him for not waxing lyrical on the artwork, as his forte is literature after all. : )

Cat's being noisy again. Have to bury him in the yard.

Final note: Inking's done on the new large watercolor I mentioned in post previous.

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