Some new sketches for the ArtOrder stuff coming up on the 19th.

D&D geekery for the win.

Human fighter in the woods with a beholder, armed with a longsword.



Catoblepas for The Alphabeastiary. I'll probably keep posting these mythological critters pretty often. I've started using the biweekly challenges to do color/style experiments that I normally wouldn't be allowed to do in client work. Art Directors generally expect to get what they see from your portfolio (except when you're really lucky with a crazy AD). Not, yanno, some wacked-out, lurid neon digital painting over a pencil sketch from your moleskine that could send children into 70's discotech hallucinations.

So, enjoy your trip over the course of the alphabet.

Catoblepas at Sunset

One of creatures of myth I learned about earliest, when I must've been 6 or so. Had this awesome book that introduced me to a whole slew of fantastic animals from legends around the world (though to be fair, it was 80% Pliny's Histories source material). The Catoblepas always seems to be pictured as some sort of shaggy, depressed cow..