Spectrum Fantastic Art Live 2

There is just too much greatness emblazoned by the SFAL mark. This was Li's and my first time attending, and after hearing such praise last year, I have to conclude it only got better.
Thank you so much to every blasted person who came down to Kansas City for the weekend to support the Fantastic Art community. It was amazing to meet all you fine internet people, and even if we didn't meet everyone, the overall vibe was so positive that we can't help but feel welcomed by even the farthest strangers there. Thanks for 20 years of great work, Arnie and Cathy Fenner. I hope the next 20 exceed these last.
Getting to see friends and meet people whose work I admire just makes me want to forgo sleep and draw. Our booth was tucked away but we got to talk to some great folks as they wandered by.
Awesome time. Be back next year. With europop electro and a dance off. And also some new art!


Magical shipment arrived!

Got a great stack of 250 of these beasties. If you want one, come to Booth 521 at Spectrum Fantastic Art Live! Sometime on or after May 17, I mean. Before that, no one will be there. Or it'll be a peanut butter convention or somethin'.

Your lightbulbs are most intriguing, Mr Squid.