Cover Sketches for Fantastique Unfettered 3

Back in April I finally finished the cover for Issue Three (Prolefeed) of Fantastique Unfettered, an excellent print magazine of SF&F stories. It was an awesome project, and I did a bunch of sketches before the editor finally settled on one for on the cover. Brandon is a great editor to work with, too; he had some neat ideas and is real easy going.

These sketches I did that weren't chosen... I still like a lot of them. I'd love to pursue some as finished paintings, even though they won't be printed in the magazine.

The final cover is a few posts down on the Fantastique Unfettered site. The issue should come out on or around August 31st! What a neat birthday present!


Broken Time Blues Announcement!

So Broken Time Blues is officially slated to release at Worldcon (Renovation) in August! Awesome publishing of art and stories. The stories, they rock. As an illustrator thereof, I can safely say that. Also, I can safely say that the artwork is sub-par, rife with allusion of the roughest sort, and probably a mortal sin.

I heard tell it releases for sale August 1st, but if Worldcon is the release party of the year for EDGE Publishing & Absolute XPress... well, get it online before, or buy it there in person if you're so lucky as to be attending.

For listening to me ramble excitedly, here's a cookie quick peek: