Harlequin Romance Sucks Something Else Entirely, or why you can't pay to play.

Harlequin Romance and their publishing house have taken the short step into the worst of the vanity presses, scamming aspiring authors out of money and pretending to provide a service.

One which Lulu.com has provided on equitable terms for years, I might add.

Post over on Seanan McGuire's LJ about this travesty.

Thankfully the RWA, SFWA, and MWA have all come out against this shite with fervor.


Crossed Genres for YOU.

This is a great speculative fiction magazine, and it needs help. Go support Crossed Genres if you have $1.59 to spare. Preorder an anthology. Or just buy a few issues. $1.59 an issue, in pdf form.

It will be good for you. And print issues are cheap, and make great gifts for someone who needs some culture.

Blog post about CG:

Crossed Genres:


A: Popple / B: Not a Popple

Hey, guess what? I'm not a Popple. Our roomie's cat, on the other hand... as yet undecided.

The past few weeks have been filled with book reading, feeling sick with seasonal colds, and being sorta bleh about things. I've been doing dayjob work, and thinking a lot about this painting (read: stressed about this painting). But you saw the sketch, if you follow this blog... it's been a while since that part was done, and today was the first serious day of watercoloring after staring at a light wash for a week. In celebration of my (about time, you slacker!) diving in, I'm uploading the first photo of it in progress.

...I mean me celebrating, you can feel whatever you like about this moment.