Harlequin Romance Sucks Something Else Entirely, or why you can't pay to play.

Harlequin Romance and their publishing house have taken the short step into the worst of the vanity presses, scamming aspiring authors out of money and pretending to provide a service.

One which Lulu.com has provided on equitable terms for years, I might add.

Post over on Seanan McGuire's LJ about this travesty.

Thankfully the RWA, SFWA, and MWA have all come out against this shite with fervor.

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  1. Vanity really sucks! I hate to see people get suckered. On the other hand, the suckers should do they're homework. With that being said, I sometimes wonder if self-publishing could really open-up a road for more creativity(although, not through Harlequin, I can only imagine how those books will read.) An idustry that could begin around "self-publishers" seems very exciting to me(i.e. quality printers, quality binders, quality critics, real sales, and real free-thinking)...And, then again, Harlequin is going to fleece alot of fools. If a quality-driven industry was created around the "self-publisher", the Harlequin-type scammers wouldn't be around for very long.