Our BOOK TRAILER. ...Really?

Her's the trailer for the "Writers of the Future XXV" anthology. We saw it play on a giant screen at the awards ceremony... it's a bit overly dramatic for a book anthology, but then again it's a trailer. For a book. So, who know what the criteria are for that sort of thing. Supermusicvideotrailerexcitement!

From: Gra Linnaea


  1. Ah, yeah... They did show that during the awards. The only good book trailer I've ever seen is the one for "Sense and sensibilities and sea monsters."
    I understand that the concept of book trailers (and tv commercials for books) is to draw attention to what has become the less popular medium. But of they have to do it...couldn't they at least invest a little time and effort? Make it interesting, and relevant to the content of the book? I swear these are made by people who haven't bothered to read it.

  2. Yeah, but at least they're not so bad as the Metro ads for thriller novels.