Prepare for ...

The awesome opossum book Lisa and Katie and I were working on for 826DC is more or less wrapped up from our end! Final art handed over to Oliver, and fancy-schmancy scans to come back from the high fallutin' imaging studio he's using. They'll be far and above the nicest scans I've ever been able to get short of giclée printing.

While 826DC doesn't want me to show the full artwork until after the Museum of Unnatural History opens in October, I have some quick and dirty teaser scans for ya. : ) Anyone who can't get to DC to see the books in person, don't fear! I will share the art on here as soon as I am able (though I hear they might do a digital version for non-locals to see). And maybe eventually they'll have copies for sale? I do hope so.

In the suddenly-free time I thought I had, I've been redoing my resume and thinking about a new look for the website. In a week or so, we'll probably be painting some of the creatures we did for the book into the mural installation at the 826DC space itself, however... so free time is fleeting, but painting wins out in the end!

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