Potential Nifties

Tonight Lisa and I met a rarity: Annapolis fantasy illustrators, at Art Things' Annapolis Art Walk event. The talented Beth Trott and Lindsay Fisk. Awesome & unexpected. Learnt about figure drawing open sessions!! Yes. It needs two exclamatories. They seem like keen critters, those two. And they get super respect for introducing us to Maryland Hall's figure drawing model sessions. Hard to find that around here.

Art Things is a superb store, in case I haven't sung its praises before. It's one of those incredibly well-stocked local supply shops that has exactly the weird thing you're seeking, and if they don't, they order it for you. We have a Michaels here in town, and there's an AC Moore 20 minutes away, but they pale in comparison. Except for nice cheap frames. Michaels has good frame prices with their constant sales.

Anyhow, here's a sample of Beth's work:

And here is Lindsay's:

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