...all the dark night long... *sings something twangy*

Finished cleaning up around midnight, after day two of printing the run for a bookplate commission I received back in ...March? Godsbother, it's been a hectic three months. I normally hate running projects that long, since I always feel best when I can wrap stuff up efficiently and deliver people their artwork sooner. Makes them happy, and I like making folks happy, generally speaking.

So here's a glimpse of the result of two nights' printing.

Lotsa false starts and working out the kinks of a print run go on during the first day's studio push/attempt/draft-run after the block carving is finalized.

Once the plate/block inks properly, the ink amount is calibrated, the pressure of the press is figured out, and the registration jig is fine-tuned for the paper... well, if you start late, you're pretty much done the prep work for the serious printing grind. I'm not averse to overnight print parties, but I really love sleeping. So the real printing happens the next day.

The Trader Joe's peaberry coffee in an Odin mug is there for scale. And for pure viking strength. Or artistic rune magic; not sure which.


  1. This is quite the impressive project! I have never done an overnight project and I certainly am not looking forward to them. But the feeling when you're done is the best. These are gorgeous!

  2. I end up doing a lot of late night runs, since I get all distracted most of the day with other things. When I can get a good amount done during daylight hours, I feel like I am better off, but it's hard!

    And thank you, I'm certainly happy with them. Hope the patron is, too.