We would like to celebrate the glorious Support Our 'Zines Day by offering some fine publications you may not know about but should. I've had the honor of working with some of these fine people before, or MagneticCrow has likewise, and we are damned glad they keep putting such effort into fine editing. Without further ado:

'Zines To Watch Out For:*

GUD Magazine
Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet
Fantasy Magazine
Crossed Genres
Leading Edge
Electric Velocipede
Strange Horizons
Steampunk Magazine 

And there are many more. There are podcast webzines, fanzines, pro and semipro books. Go find them. Your local indy bookstore will carry some. If they don't, they're full of fail. Tell them they should carry some of these fine selections of literature. Support the 'zines!

PS- Here's a small list of audio-podcasty-type-zines:


Go support spec fic literature, and your hardworking 'zine creators.
More about SOZD: Damien Walter

*Apologies to Alison Bechdel, of the wonderful Dykes To Watch Out For

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