Art Update: Glowy Pear Goodness

More dragons and pear-carrying kids. It's probably finished, here. A high quality scan to follow as soon as I can find a place to do it.

Anyone know somewhere in the DC area that does large-format digitizing/photographing of artwork?

And I'd be joyous if people chimed in with their opinions of the painting, if you have any.


  1. Man, I dig this painting. I've been watching the updates...I tend to isolate myself, so it's nice to be able to see what my peers are "performing"...(sometimes, the computer is really cool.) I look forward to more works in progress.

  2. Jamie, thanks man. Yeah, I have the same issue... we all get wrapped up and forget that there is other artwork being made. Or just plain miss it. Which, sometimes, can be a good thing anyway... allowing us more focus and time on our own work.