12 Days of a Winter Holiday

You believe I'm a professional? Ha! Look at how long it took me to just slip some of these up on the blog, when the book's been published since December? Yeah, Procrastination and I, we're chums. <.<

Some samples from my slightly askew version of The 12 Days of Christmas, which was published over the 2011 holidays by Flying Books, LTD (iPad App Store link). They let me play with the story as I wished! That's just AMAZING. It could have gone bad, Space Opera Christmas bad. But ended up setting it in a tiny urban apartment and a more modern time, rather that the usual Edwardian-maybe-18th-century-maybe-earlier-England look. The text has little quips poking at the absurdity and inconvenience of the whole gift exchange in the song.

It was a spectacular experience all around, working with Hana, my contact point on this. I'm looking forward to doing some more books with them when the chance arises. Maybe even something... I... might write? Chances of that = chances of me running across Nebraska in my knickers... not impossible, see.

11 Ladies Dancing at all hours of the night...

The book can be had through Flying Books' App linked earlier (sadly for me, I dunna even own one).

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