I had a great idea. It was an epiphany of artistic endeavor...

I was going to transfer the drawing from the previous post to the 20x13 Canson paper for painting with my archaic OVERHEAD PROJECTOR that I kept from my thesis installation. It was going to be put to USE. It was AN AWESOME IDEA.

...yep, not gonna work. Projector won't focus closely enough to keep it in size. If I needed a 36"-or-greater-width painting, it could do it, easy. But this is too small. Blast it all, I am at a relative loss for how to do this transfer. I usually don't do such a time-consuming sketch and instead work out the details on the WC paper itself... but I don't want to redraw the whole thing after spending all this time on working out the sketch...

Bugger. I need an opaque projector. Or a really big Epson printer.

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